ETL401 – Teacher Librarianship

What are the Implications of the changing information and library landscape for the broader information profession?

The implications for the broader information profession is definitely change. The changes to information and people’s access to it have had, and will continue to have, effects on how a library and the staff within it works.

Thomas Frey made for an interesting read. Some points that really grabbed my attention here was the comment made regarding searching for information. The fact that storage particles are becoming smaller and smaller, which is allowing for greater amounts of information to be stored, is definitely a daunting prospect. I thought the statement about “findability” being a critical component, an enormous implication for the teacher librarian. It has me question how the future teacher librarian will hone into all of these possible storage centres and access the increasing amount of information to the point where they can also assist others.

As a Visual Arts teacher and a practising Visual Artist, I found Frey’s view about how libraries must change into ‘cultural centres’ an exciting one. The later reading (How Libraries are reinventing themselves for the future) also provided many ways that libraries are evolving due to the changing needs of the library user, but also due to economic reasons. The idea that libraries become ‘cultural hubs’ encompassing so many sources of information and hireable resources would change people’s perception of the library and change the way the library environment is used – the uses seem endless!

Overall, the introduction to this subject has grabbed my attention & has opened my eyes to how libraries have changed but also, how & why libraries need to change for the future.


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