About Me

photo of meHi there!

My name is Karissa. I started my Masters of Education journey when I began a Masters of Education (Teacher Librarianship) at Charles Sturt University, NSW early in 2013. I was thinking I was ready for a career change, but soon realized this wasn’t really the direction I wanted to take. I then transferred to a general Masters of Ed and since then I have chosen to complete the specialisation in Information Technologies. This blog is my online learning journal for the course and includes pages from numerous subjects where I have had to use an online blogging tool.

I am a secondary Visual Arts and English teacher. I left my last permanent job at the end of 2010, feeling I’d never teach again (I probably just needed a break!) moved to Central West NSW, however,  I was teaching casually within the first term of 2011. Since then I’ve had blocks of casual teaching and it soon became apparent that much of the technology being used was changing rapidly and I was being left behind (hence the change to Information Technology strand). I took up the permanent part time position of Visual Arts teacher at an all boys Catholic high school in Bathurst at the beginning of 2014. This year has been my first experience of teaching in an all boys school and its a very interesting place indeed!!

I am also a mother to three very special girls (aged 8,10 and 16) and a wife to one very special man :).

I enjoy creating my own paintings and mixed media works, love to read, garden, eat great food, drink great wine and travel.

I’m hoping I can balance all these roles and interests in order to complete my studies by the end of 2014!


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