Advice on Planning lessons

In regards to advice that I can give regarding the planning of lessons is echoed in Simmons & Hawkins (2009) article. They mention early in the article that a teacher should go into the classroom with a back up task/lesson in case the technology fails (p.55). This is a very important part of planning a technology lesson – so many times I’ve been caught out when I haven’t done this and it makes for a very long lesson. I also tend to ‘overplan’ lessons. Seldom do I actually get through everything that I have planned but this is a good thing. If I have a student who requires extension work, the rest of the lesson is there for them to continue on with. It also makes for a cohesive continuation in the lesson sequence – the next lesson begins with what I didn’t get completed and I think its beneficial for students to have this as it often allows for revision and reflection.


Simmons, C., & Hawkins, C. (2009). Planning to teach an ICT lesson. In Teaching ICT (pp. 54-105). London ; Sage Publications Ltd.


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