Collaborative Learning & Assignment 2 – Starting to get that Frazzled Feeling

According to Laurillard (2009) the benefits of collaborative learning is “that learners have to share and discuss the actions they take, and the products they make, in the practice environment.” She goes on to say that collaborative learning enables focus to student discussion, “enables them to learn from and build on the outputs of their peers, and to share their reflections and interpretations of what happened within their practice”(p.10). As I start planning Assignment 2, these are the types of learning experiences that I want my students to gain from the technology I decide to use. Note the term – decide to use…..Yes, again I’m at the stage where there is so much that I want to use for the assignment but I know I can’t use them all and I need to narrow down my ideas. The theme for the lessons will be Impressionism as I hope to use them in my year 8 class during term1. Some ideas I am currently considering:

A webquest that provides an introduction for students to Impressionism (used so students are directed to certain websites and works for discussion)

Photo App – so students can simply change a photograph they take into an Impressionist like scene – this would be used as the inspiration for an actual painting students would complete.

Wordfoto App – students import their Impressionist photo & use descriptive language to link the features they see in their photo to what they know about Impressionism.

Edmodo – a place to share. All tasks will be shared on the class Edmodo page to enable discussion.

As you can see – a few ideas? I’m not quite sure whether I’m trying to do too much and whether what I am planning is actually really extending the student’s learning experiences. Any thoughts would be great 🙂


Laurillard, D. (2009). The pedagogical challenges to collaborative technologies. International Journal Of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning,4(1), 5-20. doi:10.1007/s11412-008-9056-2


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