Using 2.0 tools & social media in my lesson plans

I started using Edmodo (although sparingly) in my classes last year. I found it was a great way to get students to share works they had found during class tasks and provide comments and discussion. I would really like to continue using Edmodo this year and increase the amount of time I use it, especially in my junior classes. So I plan to refer to this within Assignment 2. I haven’t fully settled on the other technologies that I will be using in Assignment 2. I have always wanted to create my own webquest and think this may be another web 2.0 tool that I could incorporate into these lessons. My year 8s begin the year with an Impressionist and Landscape unit so I will be using this as my overall theme for my lessons.

Every time that internet resources are used within my class I find students are easily distracted. The boys have this idea that using the internet means playing game apps whenever Mrs Taylor’s back is turned. How playing-games_Apple-iPad3to fully change this, I really don’t know how…..(I always have to hand out a couple of demerits, which always puts a dampner what could be a great lesson). How do you cope with these distractions in the classroom?


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