Looking at Article: Schools & Computers: Tales of a Digital Romance by C. Bigum (2012)

Mentioned in the introduction of this article is the comments made by Google CEO Eric Schmidt that the world produces more information every two days that has been produced in total from the origins of humankind to 2003 – 5 exabytes every 2 days! That’s just amazing, but makes me wonder – how can we ever keep up?

In the article, Bigum refers to his idea of ‘domestication’ where new technology is used in a familiar way. This relates to how the technology can be part of the normal classroom routine and where new technology is used by schools in old/familiar ways. When I first went looking for software resources to use for assignment 1, I was initially turned off by eduCanon (which I actually decided to go with) and I was turned off for this very reason. I felt the resource did ‘domesticate’ – it did feel a bit like I was using technology just to do something that was old and familiar. Yes, it does make a youtube video appear more ‘educational’ by providing focus questions, but overall, I felt that it really didn’t allow for much extension of students, particularly the free version. However, it is a resource that is a little different & students may initially engage with it. It just probably wouldn’t be something I would use all the time. It also raises the question, does ICT always have to provide something new to be a positive addition to the classroom?

Bigum, C. (2012). Schools and Computers: Tales of a Digital Romance. Transformative Approaches to New Technologies and Student Diversity in Futures Oriented Classrooms. L. Rowan and C. Bigum, Springer Netherlands: 15-28.



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