Affordances of PicCollage


At this time, I have chosen PicCollage as one of my technologies for Assignment 1. As I’ve only begun playing with it, I’m sure this list of affordances will grow as I become to know more about it. I completed the following list using Bowler’s E-learning categories of affordances (pp.6-7).

Media – Visual content can be easily added. Youtube clips can also be inserted. Text can be added in a range of fonts. Chosen images can be easily inserted into range of pre-organised templates.

Spatial – Images, text and stamps can be easily resized with finger controls and also moved and put down into different areas on the collage.piccollage1

Temporal – Accessibility with internet connection. Finished Collages can be saved onto devices camera roll for further viewing or reaccessed when logged in to your personal PicCollage account.

Navigation – there is the ability to move among different PicCollages that you are working on with easy finger swiping. There is the ability to click on different menu options or return to other sections by finger taps on the icon or collage.

Emphasis – users have the ability to choose different tools that enable highlighting of particular elements such as texts or images, for example, changing the text colour or adding a border stamp.

Synthesis – users can upload images from their devices camera file.

Access-control– users have the capacity to publish their collages for public viewing or keep them private. Collages can also be shared by email and directly onto social networking sites.

Technical affordances – PicCollage can be used on both Apple and Android devices.

Usability – PicCollage appears extremely user friendly. Fingertip controls are easy to use and quickly react to touch. Simple menu boxes that are easy to read. Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars in Android’s Play store.

Aesthetics – provides a range of templates, stamps, colours, backgrounds, text choices for use. Greater range is available for a fee. Users can also see what can be achieved in the gallery which can be inspiring for future collages.

Reliability – At this stage, I have never had a problem with accessing the software, either on my iPad or on my Smart phone, so it appears a reliable resource.


Bower, M. (2008) Affordance analysis – matching learning tasks with learning technologies, Educational Media International, 45:1, 3-15, DOI: 10.1080/09523980701847115


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