TPACK Framework

I first came to know about TPACK early in my Masters of Education course. I see it as a way that can assist teachers in the planning of their lessons by considering some of the key components of the lesson to be taught.

TPACK involves three areas – Content Knowledge, Pedagogical Knowledge & Technological Knowledge. Where it can be useful is in contemplating where you fit into the model in regards to these knowledge areas which can help to identify areas that my require further research, ‘button-bashing’ or assistance to create a lesson that incorporates all areas successfully.

In terms of where I sit in this model, as a teacher with 15 years classroom experience, I feel confident with my Content Knowledge and Pedagogical Knowledge of Visual Arts Teaching. The Technological Knowledge would definitely be dependent upon what type of technology I was going to be using within the classroom. Something that I have used before and I know has been successful in my teaching programs prior, I could comfortably sit in the middle of the diagram; however, with new apps or software, I’d have to do some playing and experimentation first before fitting the new technology into my classroom.


I found the following article that discusses the use of TPACK in assessing mobile apps for the Visual Arts classroom:

Katz-Buonincontro, J. & Foster, A. (2013). Integrating the Visual Arts Back into the Classroom with Mobile Applications, Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education, 30:2, 52-59, DOI: 10.1080/21532974.2013.10784727

By using the TPACK model, the researchers assess 16 Visual Arts apps and conclude that overwhelmingly these applications failed to develop and sustain learning opportunities for students in the Visual Arts beyond a “click and view” approach. This made for an interesting read as I am considering reviewing a Visual Arts focussed app for the first assignment.


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