The TL and the Curriculum – some thoughts

What is an appropriate role for the teacher librarian in curriculum development?In terms of curriculum development, the teacher librarian can offer much advice on resources and information available. AltPbl imagehough the TL may not be the expert in a particular KLA, they can perhaps offer advice on how to push students forward in different directions, with regards to providing knowledge on finding and using information, as well as technology.

What benefits can a school obtain from the active involvement of the teacher librarian in curriculum development?By making the Curriculum relevant to today’s students and helping to create students who can use 21st century technology to construct knowledge. Teaching students how to correctly use technology in order to change the ‘cut & paste culture’. Teacher Librarians can be connected – they can help teachers network with others to create cross curriculum and project based learning situations.

Should a principal expect that teachers would plan units of work with the teacher librarian?It’s definitely in the teachers’ best interest to work with the teacher librarian when planning learning experiences but I’m not sure if an ‘expectation’ of this will necessarily work for all teaching staff. I believe the TL should make themselves available to all staff and also make the breadth of their skills known. How will the teaching staff know how beneficial the TL can be to them and to their students if it isn’t ‘advertised’? Therefore, using staff meetings and PD days as opportunities to make it known to all staff how the TL can assist them in curriculum planning will help to invite teachers into the library but also give them ideas on how you can help their individual students.

How are students disadvantaged in schools that exclude the teacher librarian from curriculum development?The student’s may not get the best instruction in information literacy. There may be a lack of access of information and use of technology and digital resources.