The Take Home Message

The American Association of School Librarians (AASL) has recently introduced 30 Second Thought Leadership: Insights from Leaders in the School Library Community, a new video podcast series delivering brief and practical advice from respected school library leaders on important questions about school libraries today and in the future. Questions are based on the themes of Knowledge Quest issues.

For the Jan/Feb 2012 issue, five leaders were asked to present their 30 second thought on the question: “Are school librarians an endangered species?”

View each of these 5 leaders and summarise in 100 words what you see as the ‘take home message’ with regard to answering this question.

The ‘Take Home message’ in regards to the question “Are School Librarians an endangered species?” is a very strong – NO!

All 5 of these individuals made strong arguments regarding the fact that the school librarian is not extinct but that this role is needed more than ever within our schools. Each individual made links to the changing information environment and the need for a trained individual to provide guidance on how to access information, in particular digital information. The majority of these leaders made reference to how the input from the Teacher Librarian will prepare students for success in the 21st Century.




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